My birth certificate says Andrew Francis Oden d’Hal but you wouldn’t believe what my last name does to computers.

I was born on November 8, 1963. I saw the Moon Landing, the original airings of Star Trek, and the first national broadcast of Sesame Street. I remember when Interstates were still being built and going cross country would still necessitate traveling on narrow highways.

My heroes are Martin Luther King JR, Mr. Spock, and Gilligan. And Mom!

I served in the US Air Force, attaining the grand rank of Staff Sergeant.

I was married once, to a beautiful Korea girl, and was Daddy to an adorable step-daughter; but that didn’t work out. She couldn’t live here and I couldn’t live there. There’s been no one since.

For many years I’d wanted to do comics. One thing that always vexed me was the inability to draw. I suppose patience might be the real flaw. I want to start with the end result. Learning to actually start with a sketch and go from there just never caught my interest. I’d discussed ideas with an artist, but we never got started. I made a few photo based comics. Then back in 2005, a co-worker introduced me to Poser. He’d been given a courtesy copy of Poser 5 and that made his copy of Poser 4 available. After playing with it some, I went and got my own copy of Poser 5 and shortly afterward started producing TMI.