Got my system back up and running on Windows 7. I’m out of the house at the moment, but I should be back in business once I get back. I put in a swappable drive bay and I’m using old drives to image the OS drive (an SSD with Windows and programs) and I’ve got a NAS (a Netgrear NS104, also full of old drives) to backup my data drive. One of these days I’ll put some new, larger drives into the NAS.

To make things interesting, my anti-virus triggered on a DLL file on on the drive I had Win8.1 on (keeping it until I’m sure I’ve gotten the files off of it that I might want to keep).

I’ve got a mini PC (ITX mainboard), now runnig Win10,  that I’m going to do personal stuff on. I used to keep 2 machines going for that reason, and since I had the stuff lying around I decided to get back into the habbit. I was going to use it as to watch streaming video on TV, but I did just find am AM2/DDR2 motherboard and CPU in the closet. (I’m bad about that. I have a 20 year dual floppy drive, a 5.25 AND 3.5 drives in one half height unit, just in case I need to read an old floppy. Don’t have any mainboards with floppy I/O, tho. Dang.)