Fun things going on with commenting.

The plugin that I was using to block spam, started banning legit readers. So I disabled it and set commenting to logged in readers. (The bogus user registrations started immediately.)

Only now it looks like no comments were being accepted at all.

If you’ve had trouble commenting lately, you have my apologies for the inconvenience. I like getting comments. That’s how YOU keep ME entertained.

I’m going to poke at things from my end to see what happens, so things may change without much notice.

I would be out of Diet Cherry DR Pepper.

Go ahead and try a comment here. If that fails, make a note of what happens and Contact Me.


Update (8:30 pm):

CROSS YOUR FINGERS! The anti-spammer plugin’s been fixed, I hope. Commenting should be back to normal (well, normal for this place, anyway).

Let me know if you have any problems. If the contact link doesn’t work, try emailing andy at this domain.