I’ve been completely remiss in thanking everyone for their support.  Those of you that donated made it possible for me to have her with me just a little while longer, as long as possible even.  Everyone that’s posted or e-mailed me, you’ve been a wonderful help in dealing with my pain.  Even if all you’ve done is shed a tear for my beautiful cat, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  If you’re patiently, or impatiently waiting for my next comic, you have faith there will be a next comic, thank you.

And, again, I want to thank the wonderful vets and staff at Feline Medical Clinic in Vancouver.  I’m sure there are other fine vets in the area, but that doesn’t take anything away from the incredible dedication and kindness I encountered.

I’ll get over this.  She was simply my only treasure in this world.  As much a family member as any.

The good news is, even though I’m a total wreck, still, I have some friends that are going to try to get us some guest strips soon.  I hope you’ll help thank them in turn.


Thank you.